Kingfisher Coaster And a bleak wintery day,

the little dog laughed

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And a bleak wintery day, the flash of vibrant blue etches a memory of pure pleasure that never fades.

This Kingfisher Coaster is part of a beautifully illustrated collection of bird designs by animal artist and designer Anna Danielle. Anna combines her watercolour studies of birds and local plant life with her photography and poetic captions. All of which are inspired by her daily walks with her dog.

Anna says of her new found interest in birds ?I really like birds and they feature in most rooms in my home. Since adopting my latest rescue, I?ve found myself becoming more and more interested in the many varieties in my area. I was delighted to discover how much joy, love and happy memories of loved ones bird breeds evoke for so many different people. For me they are a constant reminder of our beautiful and precious planet?

There are 6 designs in this Tuppence A Bag collection. All of which feature a British bird that can be spotted in gardens, local parks and woodlands.

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Technical Details
Coaster size 10.5cm x 10.5cm.

Slip-resistant cork backing.

Wipeable but NOT washable so please don?t submerge them in water or place in the dishwasher!