Childrens Xmas Storybook / colouring book - Georgia

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The new personalised storybooks feature the main character as the hero or problem solver.

Studies have shown that personalised storybooks engage children 40% more than a non-personalised story.

They encourage reading development and accelerate language skills, as the story relates and stars them.

For 2021 a new CHRISTMAS story will again be available in both male and female versions.

The new book stories are based around the disaster of Santas Good List mysteriously disappearing.

The named boy/girl are then enlisted to help look for them and make sure that they are on the Good List and not on the Naughty List.

The illustrations and stories are fun and engaging and the books include the name on most pages.

Names on the Storybook covers are produced with gold foil on the girl books and red foil on the boys.
The demographic is 3 to 5 years old