Chihuahua Greeting Card by the little dog laughed

the little dog laughed

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I can literally get away with anything.

Meet Bertie, the star of this Chihuahua Greeting Card. Chantelle inherited Bertie when her Nan very sadly passed away. They had wanted to call him Gizmo due to his large eyes but Chantelle?s Nan was having none of it. The official go-to expert on all things Chihauhau, she had 15 at one point and all their names had to begin with B.

Bertie is bossy, likes to argue but always delights those who meet him with his happy, silly ways.

The Highly Technical Information Bit
Pay attention Bond. Each card arrives cello wrapped with a white envelope. The card size is 14.5cm x 14.5cm. All Little Dog greeting cards are printed in the UK on forestry sustainable board.