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the little dog laughed

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Cats Greeting Card
Meet Chester and Rufus, stars of this cats greeting card. Rufus is boisterous and bossy and Chester (the ginger one) simply loves life, getting excited by absolutely everything. His most favourite thing is plastic lids, like the little ones you find on hair serum. No cat toy comes close to the joy of a plastic lid. Rufus adores being scratched behind his ears, it?s so good, it makes him dribble. These two look out for each other but never do snuggles together. Personal space matters!

Highly Technical Greeting Card Information
All Little Dog greeting cards come cello wrapped with a white envelope and are blank inside. Each card size is 14.5cm x 14.5cm. All Little Dog greeting cards are printed in the UK. To find out more about this collection by Anna Danielle click here Digs&Manor