Jack Russell Coaster Top and Tail

the little dog laughed

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Happy to top 'n' tail, but keep your feet still.

Jack Russell Coaster top n tail
Jack Russell Coaster top n tail. Tilly the Smooth Hair Jack Russell likes nothing better than catching up on some good quality sleep. She is also a dog who knows her own mind and in it, she is 6 feet tall. Known in the local doggie community as Tell-them-off-Tilly she has no trouble with excitable or bouncy friends and will shout bossily at them, then stalk off with her nose in the air.

Would you like to know more about the artist Anna Danielle and the creative process behind this digs&manor collection You do! Marvellous. Simply follow this link Digs&Manor Collection

Coaster size 10.5cm x 10.5cm

Wipeable but NOT washable so please don't submerge them in water!