Home & Dry Tea Towel - 100% Cotton - Mum's Like Drinking Wine

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Home & Dry Tea Towel - 100% Cotton Tea Towel - Mum's Like Drinking Wine
Saying:-Mum's Like Drinking Wine It Makes Them Smiley Happy.
Size:-  50cm x 70cm
Home & Dry Tea Towel
100% Cotton
Bring a splash of colour and a touch of fun to the kitchen with our new range of ‘Home & Dry’
tea towels. 
Featuring twenty-four bright, beautiful designs and witty words that are sure to bring a smile to
your face when drying the dishes!
Our tea towels are generously sized and made from high quality, super absorbent 100% cotton.
They make brilliant gifts for canny cooks or kitchen helpers of all ages!