Eco Chic Foldable Expandable Backpack Lightweight Waterproof Green Poppies

Eco Chic

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co-Chic create sustainable products keeping the planet in mind. Designed to be reusable, these lightweight and waterproof products give you the practical and stylish yet eco-friendly solutions you need.
Fun and unique designs, easily foldable, lightweight, keeps the planet in mind, reusable and long lasting.
This product is made using only RPET material (Recycled Poly Ethalene Teraphylate) made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The tag attached to the products states: My fabric is made from 4 plastic bottles.
This lightweight rucksack folds into a small pouch when not in use, making it super useful for shopping and travelling. It is constructed from our brand new recycled RPET material so it can take a knock or two and will help to keep your stuff dry.
Dimensions: Compact: 200mm x 270mm x 25mm , Expanded: 430mm x 270mm x 160mm, Capacity: 15kg