Country Companions: Laundry Day Coaster set of 2 By Kate of Kensington

Kate of Kensington

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A helper in the garden would be so great to see,

Extra hands doing the laundry whilst you sit and sip your tea.

But don’t let this flock fool you into thinking that they’re maids,

It is not a wage they’re after, it’s in socks that they are paid.

So even if they seem like they would love to make your day,

Avoid these little rascals as on your undies they will prey!

Our marble coasters are the perfect size for a variety of uses, being both heat proof and cut proof. Use them to place your favourite drinks on, as a charismatic candle stand or simply as stunning display pieces in your home.

10cm x 10cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain