Cocker Spaniel Coaster - Duvet Day

the little dog laughed

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You can't beat a duvet day!

Cocker Spaniel Coaster ? Duvet Day.
Cocker Spaniel Coaster. Part of the Scruffy Mutts collection and a real Little Dog classic. Couldn?t we all do with a duvet day??

The superstar of this design is the very lovely Sadie. A sweet girl who brings joy, laughter her owner?s world and always helps chase away the clouds. She holds the title of Miss July 2013 in the Scruffy Mutts calendar and diary Hall of Fame.

Nerdy details
Coaster size 10.5cm x 10.5cm

Heat resistant up to 110 degrees

Wipe friendly

Not washproof!

Cork backed to avoid any slide risks