Cat Glasses Case – Let it go

the little dog laughed

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Yes I let it go and YES it's in the cupboard

Cat Glasses Case
This Cat glasses case is inspired by the cat bringing home its play finds such as spiders, mice, birds, rats and koi carp. It is a happy cat moment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t often transfer into a happy owner moment!

The Little Dog hard PU glasses case feels as good as it looks. The print results were so true to Anna Danielle’s original artwork that pressing the big red YES print button was easy!

So, for your temptation, we have 9 designs to choose from. This glasses case has a grey flock interior with a matching dark grey cleaning cloth. It’s practical and also appealing. Indeed, a lovely gift idea for any self-confessed “doggie” person.

Technical Details
Sized W:6.5cm x D:4cm H:16cm