Biscuit Club Tea Tray by the little dog laughed

the little dog laughed

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The Biscuit Club. Never short of members

Biscuit Club Tea Tray
This Biscuit Club tea tray is without a doubt, the tried and tested BEST method to carry two brews and a slice of something nice. Or maybe five biscuits. This collection features a host of our Superstar muses and is quite possibly THE most detailed multi dog print in the world (possibly, maybe)

Technical bits and pieces
Little Dog melamine trays are all made from melamine. This means that they are perfectly safe to pop in the dishwasher (the top shelf is ideal to protect the pattern) and they are resilient when it comes to temperatures and can handle a hotter-than-the sun cup of tea.

Size wise they are 17cm x 38cm x 2cm